About Us


What is BDresearch

BDresearch is an online knowledge repository to share research and policy discourse on and from Bangladesh.

It collects publications from reputed institutions home and abroad on or related to Bangladesh in all sphere of knowledge. In today’s environment where online information is scattered all over the web, BDresearch serves as a categorized and regularly updating online repository through which people can easily access and download relevant information. 

BDresearch is a knowledge service of Institute of Informatics and Development (IID).


BDresearch in global arena with Eldis Community

BDresearch is connected to the global arena through the eminent gateway of Eldis, an online information service hosted by Institute of Development Studies, UK.

BDresearch and the Eldis knowledge repository reciprocally share their resources – articles produced from Bangladesh and hosted in BDresearch are shared in Eldis repository while globally produced research articles related to Bangladesh and hosted in Eldis are shared in BDresearch repository.


Why BDResearch

The internet has brought about revolutionary opportunities in the way today's research is conducted, disseminated and used in all spheres of business, academia and governance. The whole world of information is now virtually a few "clicks" away. In recent years, access to internet has increased dramatically in Bangladesh. However, cost and availability of the Internet have always been a bottleneck for easy accessibility to information. Despite of such obstacles along with other technical and infrastructure related barriers, ICT and internet-based services have been proliferating in Bangladesh quite rapidly. The research scenario in Bangladesh, however, has hardly benefited from these opportunities despite the immense scope for improvement. There is almost no internet-based serving for sharing knowledge resources produced within the country. Studies found that in a typical research conducted in Bangladesh, a large portion of the total costs (and time) is usually spent for searching and gathering information.

Information existing on the internet is scattered all over the World Wide Web and it is often not possible to quickly know about the existence and availability of a particular piece of information. While search engines are no purposive solution on this account, knowledge services are getting popular. These services collect, collate, categorise and share information on particular issues of interest and catalog them so that people seeking for that particular type of information can look for them easily.   

BDResearch.org is one of the first of its kind to provide such a knowledge service for sharing research generated within Bangladesh. It facilitates to fill the gap between the source of information and the user of that information. In a country like Bnagladesh where internet access is difficult and costlier, it will serve as a locally generated knowledge/information depository and cataloging service. In Bangladesh research-based knowledge is usually produced by academics (students, teachers and academic institutions), research organisations, NGOs-CSOs and/or individual researchers. BDResearch.org provides an online depository where information producers from these sources are shared in a categorised way so that it for a user to easily locate them. So far BDResearch.org has been accumulating free articles from a number of sources including research institutions and online journals of Bangladesh. BDResearch.org also shares its gathered information into the Eldis which is another global knowledge service of IDS. This venture has made it possible to share Bangladeshi research on to a global arena.


The future of BDresearch

In future BDResearch.org aims to partner with local information producers as well as with global research organisations and thereby facilitating research on Bangladesh through developing a network among researchers, policy makers, students, business, academia, government, NGOs, development agencies and the media. It would thus provide categorized and updated research material(s) on Bangladesh from around the globe. Making paper-based data and publications available online will not only serve as a platform for information-givers and information-seekers to interact but will also be a platform for resident and non-resident Bangladeshi academicians, researchers and professionals with similar interest to interact and cooperate. 


About IID

BDresearch is a knowledge service of  Institute of Informatics and Development (IID), an independent policy think-tank that promotes informed and participatory public policy through innovative use of information and communication technology.

IID believes lack of information impedes effective participation in national policy makings process. A gap has been aggravating between the information-rich and information-poor segments of society. Through BDresearch, along with other research and communication services, IID aims to bridge that widening information gap to ensure that a wider population, particularly the marzinalized ones, and help making their ways into the policy discourse.